Should I join a Private Equity after training? | ASCRS
Should I join a Private Equity after training?
March 2024
Moderator: Ryan G. Smith, MD
Presenters: Sanja Cypen, MD; Jason Gorscak, MD; Priya Mathews, MD

Join moderator Ryan G. Smith and fellow YES (and YES emeritus) members Sanja Cypen, Jason Gorscak, and Priya Mathews as they delve into the world of private equity for the Young Eye Surgeon. The presentation will feature pearls for approaching the job search after training, advantages to working for a private equity group, as well as disadvantages and red flags to look out for on the interview trail. The panel features a wide range of experience working with private equity companies and will share their experiences in the PE world. As more practices sell to private equity, more YES members will be offered jobs with these PE companies, and we hope this session will help prepare you for that process and aid in your decision making.
Webinar Faculty
Sanja Cypen, MD
Jason Gorscak, MD
Priya Mathews, MD
Ryan G. Smith, MD

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